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Late March to mid-April can only mean one thing in Vancouver, BC. Cherry Blossoms! We have identified it as a yearly tradition to capture couples during this short-lived, yet beautiful season. It can be bit elusive with regards to the logistics in identifying the peak bloom with our couples’ schedules. Taking the weather into account, the window of opportunity can be fairly narrow. However, it seemed as though the stars were aligned when documenting Raissa and Julian’s engagement session at UBC this Spring! Seeing how they wonderful interacted with each other gave us much excitement for their upcoming wedding this Fall at Fairmont Pacific Rim.

UBC Cherry Blossoms Spring Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Raissa & Julian

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

There are a few couples who have made a big impact on us in our years of shooting. Felicia and Kenneth are definitely one of them. Their story on how arrived to the alter is memorable and inspiring. On a beautiful and warm summer’s day, we celebrated their wedding by documenting every breath, surrounded by close family and friends at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, BC. We feel grateful to have met these two and be a part of documenting their special day. Congratulations to Felicia and Kenneth! We wish them the very best in their marriage.

Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club Wedding in Vancouver, BC | Felicia & Kenneth

Vancouver, Wedding Photography

Cherry blossoms in Vancouver are beautiful yet have such a transient season. We were fortunate to capture Nancy & Alex’s engagement session during this time at UBC and enjoyed every moment exploring the grounds of their alma mater. Nancy & Alex will be married at Swaneset this summer and we cannot wait to capture and share photos from the wedding!

UBC Cherry Blossom Engagement Photography, Vancouver BC | Nancy & Alex

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

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