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Summer in Vancouver is delightful in many obvious ways. However, a highlight for us is the ability to have engagement sessions during golden hour as light can find a way through various pockets of nature and city, transforming what is typically a well-traversed location into a beautiful backdrop. It was a joy to witness the comfortability of Konny and Sam as we navigated through the familiarity of Gastown, capturing them against the architectural backdrop amidst the setting sun.

Gastown and Stanley Park Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Konny & Sam

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

We’ve been anticipating this engagement session with Alice and Tony ever since we met up with them last year! Their calm and relaxed personalities made for an effortless shoot in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. Starting at Prospect Point and ending at Third Beach, the beautiful Spring weather and sunset made for such beautiful light throughout the session. We can’t wait to document their wedding this summer!

Stanley Park Forest Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Alice & Tony

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

Ever since meeting Valerie and David, we’ve been counting down the days to their engagement session and wedding. It’s always an extra bonus when everyone’s visions are aligned and we feel that these two couldn’t have been a better match for us. Also, their engagement session at Stanley Park proved that they are the perfect match for each other. We are excited for all the weddings we’re documenting this year; however, Valerie & David’s upcoming wedding at The Pipe Shop will definitely be one of our highlights due to the architectural aesthethic of the venue as well as situated at Londsdale Quay in North Vancouver. We can’t wait to share with you how it went!

Stanley Park Spring Engagement Session in Vancouver, BC | Valerie & David

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

We just love engagement sessions as they allow us to get to know our couples better! Tracy & Robert’s wonderful engagement session was at Stanley Park, Vancouver BC where we were able to get them in front of a forest, water, and beach backdrops. These two were so lovely, in great spirits, and we are very much looking forward to their wedding at Riverway Golf Course this fall!

Stanley Park Summer Engagement Photography, Vancouver BC | Tracy & Robert

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

Having met Amy and Jerry last fall, hearing where they got engaged (Sunset Beach) and their upcoming wedding venue (The View), we have been counting down the days to their engagement session! This beautiful day started off in Stanley Park at Prospect Point and ended with a sunset over, quite fittingly, Sunset Beach. We are ecstactic to be photographing their wedding at The View in North Vancouver this summer!

Stanley Park and Sunset Beach Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Amy & Jerry

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

We met Elizabeth and Charles through the wedding of Vivian and Rick in Vancouver last year and we were honoured when they decided to have us photograph their wedding this August! Starting out in Stanley Park under cherry blossom trees, these two showed a comfortability with each other that made this engagement session go effortlessly. We soon found oursevles inside the Marine Building in Coal Harbour. Getting the opportunity to photograph inside the Marine Building in downtown Vancouver was a special treat. The Art Deco details set the backdrop perfectly with Elizabeth and Charles shining in the spotlight. We are very much excited to be photographing the wedding of these two this summer!

Stanley Park and Marine Building Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Elizabeth & Charles

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

On a cold February afternoon, we got the opportunity to document Fatima & Houssainne’s engagement session in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. These two braved the frigid temperatures; however,  warm and loving hearts prevailed as their session was full of laughter and merriment. We very  much look forward to their wedding at Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club this summer!

Stanley Park Engagement Photography | Fatima & Houssainne

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

There are no shortage of beautiful places in Vancouver to capture the engagement session of Edith and Benny.  With Stanley Park as the backdrop on a beautiful summer’s day, we were so happy to witness genuine smiles and laughter between the two.  Starting off at the Rose Garden and ending at Brockton Point Lighthouse,  it was clearly evident that Edith and Benny were the perfect fit for each other.  We are so thrilled to document their wedding this September at Queen Elizabeth Park and Mayfair Lakes Golf Club in Richmond, BC.

Engagement Photography in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC | Edith & Benny

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

In the short time we got to spend with Jenny and Kevin in Gastown and Stanley Park for their engagement session, we discovered how easy going and loving these two are! This made for us to capture their love for one another effortlessly. From the textured facades of Gastown to the budding trees and greenery of Stanley Park, there was no shortage of smiles and laughter. We very much look forward to their wedding at Brix & Mortar in August!

Gastown and Stanley Park Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Jenny & Kevin

Vancouver, Wedding Photography

There’s always something so magical about golden hour during cherry blossom season in Vancouver, BC. Combined that with a wonderful couple and you have something truly special. We had the opportunity to document Felicia and Kenneth’s engagement in Stanley Park this Spring and it was all genuine moments between these two. Seeing how effortless it was to capture their love for one another during this beautiful season really makes us excited to photograph their wedding at Shaughnessy Golf Course this fall!

Stanley Park Cherry Blossom Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Felicia & Kenneth

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

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