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Gastown in Vancouver, BC is a popular location for engagement and wedding photos due to it’s uniqueness in architecture and diversity. It is no wonder that these out-of-towners, Lucy and Louis, wanted their engagement session taken there and combined with the beautiful summer weather, it was an idealic time spent getting to know them and documenting their love for one another. We absolutely cannot wait to document their wedding this August in Vancouver and celebrate their reception at Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, BC.

Summer Engagement Photography in Gastown during Golden Hour with Lucy & Louis | Vancouver, BC

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

Summer in Vancouver is delightful in many obvious ways. However, a highlight for us is the ability to have engagement sessions during golden hour as light can find a way through various pockets of nature and city, transforming what is typically a well-traversed location into a beautiful backdrop. It was a joy to witness the comfortability of Konny and Sam as we navigated through the familiarity of Gastown, capturing them against the architectural backdrop amidst the setting sun.

Gastown and Stanley Park Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Konny & Sam

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

We knew from the first time we met with Mitzi and Will that we were going to love working with them. Their engagement session in Gastown and Coal Harbour confirmed that as it was so wonderful seeing such comfortability between these two. You immediately knew that these two were meant for each other and we very much look forward to documenting their wedding at Stanley Park Pavillion later this year!

Gastown Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Mitzi & Will

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

It’s quick to see how compatible these two are together from their relaxed smiles and overall lightheartedness. We’ve been anticipating Jennifer & Derek’s engagement session for quite some time and were thrilled upon receiving such beautiful weather in Vancouver. Their engagement session took us to the Rose Garden at Stanley Park and ended in Gastown. We are fortunate and ecstatic to be documenting their wedding this year at Rosewood Hotel Georgia!

Stanley Park and Gastown Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Jennifer & Derek

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

In the short time we got to spend with Jenny and Kevin in Gastown and Stanley Park for their engagement session, we discovered how easy going and loving these two are! This made for us to capture their love for one another effortlessly. From the textured facades of Gastown to the budding trees and greenery of Stanley Park, there was no shortage of smiles and laughter. We very much look forward to their wedding at Brix & Mortar in August!

Gastown and Stanley Park Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Jenny & Kevin

Vancouver, Wedding Photography

It really warms our hearts capturing effortless love between two people and Tasnia & Jamin are ideal examples of such feelings. The day of the shoot began with snow and in typical Vancouver fashion, the sun came out in the afternoon. We started in Gastown and explored the area before ending up in Stanley Park at sunset. With warm genuine smiles, you couldn’t tell it was an extremely cold day. We are overly excited to document their wedding this summer and can’t wait to share with you the images!

Gastown and Stanley Park Engagement Photography in Vancouver BC | Tasnia & Jamin

Engagement Photography

Sunsets in Vancouver are often spectacular and photographing Maggie & Jamie’s engagement session under wonderful skies was even more special. These two were so much fun to document as they were up for anything. We found ourselves in Gastown and captured genuine moments between Maggie & Jamie. The comfortability between the two made for fun times rooftop exploring. The day was capped off at Third Beach in Stanley Park where, bathed in the warm summer air, we couldn’t have asked for a better sunset.

Gastown Engagement Photography in Vancouver, BC | Maggie & Jamie

Engagement Photography, Vancouver

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