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A brief encounter with Jessie & Albert was enough for us to realise how wonderful these two are and how much we wanted to document their wedding day.  Jessie’s infectious smile and Albert’s calm demeanour gave us further confidence and excitement for their June wedding. On an early summer’s morning under stereotypical Vancouver skies, we found ourselves at Brockhouse Restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Not stereotypical was Jessie’s beautiful wedding dress which made for such beautiful morning portraits.  In true form, Albert was tending to the days events and making sure his guests were comfortable upon arrival. With laughter and merriment, we felt honoured to be apart of their day and capture their wedding day celebrations. The love and kindness these two have for one another made for an effortless and heartfelt day.  Thank you for having us and congratulations Jessie  & Albert on your marriage!

Brockhouse Restaurant Wedding in Vancouver | Jessie & Albert

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