Looking up in Hong Kong - Vancouver Wedding Photography Off-Season Travel

Looking up in Hong Kong - Vancouver Wedding Photography Off-Season Travel

With wedding season in Vancouver slowing down for the year, I took advantage of this time and booked a week in Hong Kong to concentrate on the density, architecture, and city views that I have sough interest in through photos off Instagram. This social media platform has been wonderful in establishing relationships with people across the globe and I was very much inspired by the housing density in Hong Kong as it related to the architecture. It was a wonderful trip filled with lasting memories and I would love to share with you a portion of my images that relates to looking up at residential buildings in Hong Kong.

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in search for the milky way north of vancouver

My business partners from Highline West and I decided to take a spontaneous trip north of Vancouver to try to capture the milky way. We felt the conditions were optimum as the forecast called for clear skies. We headed north in the evening towards Porteau Cove, away from all the city lights, and saw what was a beautiful night sky filled with stars, meteors, and the milky way. This was my first attempt in capturing the night sky, which proved to be a challenge in the dark. I'm looking forward in taking advantage of the landscapes of British Columbia as backdrops to future star gazing photography.

phototrip to nyc (part 1: top of the rock, observation deck)

Last week I went on must-needed trip to New York City for business and also to capture the architecture and cityscape of Manhattan. I have previously shot NYC in this manner when I was a resident of the city several years ago; however, I felt that I have grown as a photographer since and have developed a style in which I wanted to revisit key locations and recapture this beautiful city. The first part of this series concentrates on the view from the observation deck from Top of the Rock. These sets of images reveals the almost dizzying nature and grouping of buildings of NYC. I hope you enjoy them!

short getaway trip to seattle and tacoma

Despite how awesome it is to live in Vancouver, sometimes you just need a getaway.  Fortunately, when time can't afford you a vacation driving across the border to Seattle is only a 2.5 hour trip.  Here are a few images that focus on the architecture of Seattle and Tacoma from this past weekend's trip.

As a fan of architectural photography, I didn't want to rush my short stay and visit many locations; rather, I decided hone in on a couple buildings to photograph.  Firstly, I chose the Seattle Public Library as I had never visit in past trips.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the outside of the library as I didn't bring my full-frame camera and appropriate lenses (I brought very little camera equipment for this trip) but I did manage to snap several shots of the interior.  I was thoroughly impressed with this massive library and all the interior architecture it provides.

It's all a matter of perspective. The Columbia Center is skyscraper and tallest building in downtown Seattle.  I actually stumbled upon it as I left the Seattle Public Library.  The ideal location to photograph the entire building is in Smith Tower; however, time constraints did not afford me such a luxury.  Instead, I stood at the foot of Columbia Center and pointed my camera upwards and snapped a shot (below left image).  In post (Adobe Photoshop CS6), I straightened out the image to provide a rectilinear perspective as if shot from Smith Tower.  The overcast skies provided little cloud definition which provides these images more of a sterile yet fine art touch.

Tacoma was just a short ride south of Seattle where the downtown district was littered with warehouses and buildings that had a very blue-collared feel about them.  As a photographer, this is paradise for me with regards to potential shooting locations.  I also stopped by the Glass Museum (below) where this was a public wall display of intricate blown glass.  All in all, this must-needed getaway and I look forward to visiting again soon!