quick session with rhiana

Rhiana was in town and we agreed on doing a quick photoshoot before her departure.  I've shot with Rhiana before and not only is she beautiful, her personality and professionalism makes it a delight to be around.  Ever since I picked up my Polaroid 250 Land Camera, I've wanted to explore the depths and push the limitations of this instant film camera.  Purchased off eBay, this 50 year old instant film camera is my latest favourite toy, not to mention a great conversation starter.  I find that this camera blows the doors off the current instant cameras offered by Polaroid or Fujifilm.  I guess the adage, "...they don't make them like they used to, anymore." rings true regarding instant cameras.

Here are some previews from the shoot.  I wanted to explore a different style of editing that I've seen from one of my favourtie photographers (Elroy) by involving more blues.  I feel it really sets the mood especially considering it was raining outside.  Using Highline West's studio as setting for this shoot, the large single pane windows lend so well for shots involving reflections.  I will post the full spread once all the edits are completed.  For now, here's Rhiana (use arrow keys or click to scroll through):